About Motherland

"Motherhood has been both my greatest challenge and biggest reward. Living in a rural area has had a huge impact on my journey as a mum. It's been beautiful, and forced me to be more present, but it's also been isolating and bloody tough."
Stephanie Trethewey
Founder & Host 

Hi, I'm Steph. Welcome to Motherland Australia! I'm a rural mum, a wife, a farmer and a former TV reporter. Storytelling is my passion. I live in Tasmania and run a beef business with my husband Sam, with our beautiful son Elliot and daughter Evie keeping us on our toes. 

Motherhood has not been an easy journey for me. After moving to the farm in 2019 with a 6 month old in tow, I soon felt the pang of isolation. I started the Motherland Australia podcast to fill a gaping hole I felt out here...connection. I wanted to know that I wasn't alone. That some of the challenges I was facing as a mum were understandable. That being a rural mum matters, and even though we're all out here living our 'ordinary' lives, all our stories are extraordinary in their own way. 

So here we are. Each week, I interview a rural mum from somewhere across the country. She shares her real and raw story of motherhood, opening up about what it's like raising kids on the land.

These stories are ones of true grit, resilience, grief and pure joy. While each rural mum's journey is so different, there is so much that ties us all together. Each week, I take away something special and something valuable from the rural mum I speak to. 

I hope you do too.

Steph xx